About Us

Young kids nowadays are surrounded by digital devices, and too much screen time may cause negative effects. As an experienced mum of two gorgeous boys, I am an advocate for positive playing with kids.
When I first discovered the busy board, I was amazed by how engaging and stimulating they were for my two boys. Busy boards have different fidgets and activities for little children to discover, explore, play and learn. It can help improve children's fine motor skills, promotes brain development, and learn some practical life skills and many other developmental benefits. Some feedback from our customers that they love is the concept has to bringing everyday objects safe into the board for kids to learn while playing.
At busyboard.com.au we have a great range of boards and playhouses, some can be wall mounted, can free-standing play, or can be played on the floor, the fidget cubes are a great toy for kids on the move, they are compact in size and a great alternative to the digital devices. Our store also stocks some early educational toys, Montessori concept toys, open-ended play toys, and many more been added to our website regularly.
We would love to hear how your little ones are enjoying their busy boards and toys, please feel free to drop us an email at info@busyboard.com.au, or you can follow us on Facebook @Busyboard.com.au or Instagram @busyboard.com.au